• Skyzone (map)
  • 155 Bellwood Drive
  • Rochester, NY, 14606
  • United States

Blue Wave will be having our 2016 Blue Wave Holiday party at Skyzone this year! All Blue Wave members and their families are invited. Blue Wave will cover the Pizza, drinks and party room. Each "jumper" wishing to participate on the trampolines will pay $15. Please complete the form below and let us know how many jumpers you'll have as well as how many will be in your party. Please RSVP by this Friday, 12/9/2016!

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Each diver may bring a small gift if they would like to participate in the White Elephant gift exchange. The gift should be for boy or girl at any age. We encourage the divers to create a gift to exchange but you may also purchase something for $15 or less. 

Diver's Name *
Diver's Name
The cost is $15 per jumper. Jumpers are those that will actually be using the trampoline equipment at Skyzone.
We need to get an accurate count for food and drinks. Please include the jumpers in the number!