3 Steps


3 Steps

Signing up for Blue Wave Diving is an easy three step process.

Step 1

Register with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
Go to:
Our Club code is WYA3C3
When you get your membership ID number, copy or write the number down, you will need it for the next step.

Step 2

Register with the Blue Wave Diving
Go to
Create an account
If your diver is a beginner level diver and joining our Ripples program, click on the "2020 Ripples Registration" link.
If your diver is an intermediate to advanced level diver and joining our Rogues program, click on the "2020 Rogues and Riptide Registration" link.
Riptide team members will also click on the "2020 Rogues and Riptide Registration" link to register.

Step 3

Contact us to schedule your free lessons
Call or Text (585) 245-3438

All Blue Wave members must be registered with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Copy our club ID number on your browser (WYA3C3), you will paste this in the club ID field on the AAU Registration Page. You can register for the AAU online at this link: AAUSPORTS REGISTRATION PAGE. Complete the application by filling in the fields with the divers information. You must purchase an added benefit membership for $16. Paste our club code (WYA3C3) and our Club Name, Blue Wave Diving. An annual (September 1 - August 31) membership is $16. The AAU online system will instantly create a card with your AAU number.

The diver must then register with Blue Wave Diving. Copy your new AAU number and register with Blue Wave Diving online at this link Registration with Blue Wave is for 1 year (September 1 - August 31) and the fee is $50 for our Ripples program and $75 for our Rogues program and Riptide Team.

Call 585-245-3438 or email to set up your free lesson time/s. When you come to the pool the first time please bring the following: AAU Registration Card (The diver will not be able to participate until he/she has a completed step 1 and 2), YOUR SUIT AND TOWEL.

Diving registration fees are due the first of the month. A $10 late fee will be charged to payments made after the 10th of the month.

Discounts Available: Sibling Discount- 10% for 2 and 20% for 3 or more.

Additional Registration Information

Registration is open to all divers and age groups. Once registration is complete, we allow new divers ages 5 to 18* to participate in one lesson per week for the remainder of the month FOR FREE! Please call 585-245-3438 to schedule your child for their free lesson/s. If you would like to participate in the current session, you should call 585-245-3438 or email Directions to the pool are below. Please review Blue Wave Diving club policies.


Review the Blue Wave Parent Handbook

Click on the link to view our parent handbook. Our handbook is designed to help you orient yourself to the sport of Diving. If you have any questions, comments or concerns related to Blue Wave Diving, please let us know. 



Blue Wave Diving Club Policies


Make-up practices are generally encouraged. You may make up no more than two lessons from the previous month.


Payment is due the first of each month. If there is a waiting list, the spots will be reserved by payment. If a diver has not paid they will lose their spot in the session.

Late Fees:

Late Fees are assessed after the 10th of the month. The late fee is $10 per diver.


Refunds are given when a pre-payment has been given and a session has not begun. After a session has begun no refunds are available. Refunds after a session has started are NOT available.


Pro-rating of practice fees is available for new Blue Wave participants if they have started in the middle of the session. This is a one time benefit. No other type of prorating is offered once a diver has registered with the club.

Individual Practices:

Practices when a diver is not signed up for a session is $25 each practice. This does NOT include private lessons. If a session is full, individual practices may not be available.